Kirkwood Area Real Estate, Ted Coyle

Thank you for visiting my website. I've had fun recently selling Kirkwood Area houses on Westchester, N. Geyer, Craigwoods, Big Bend, Ferncliff, E. Adams, Eastwood, Thorncliff, N. Holmes, Bambury Way, Edna, Brookbend, Lewiston, Brownell, Claridge, Evans, Club, Lewiston, S. Clay, Mistletoe, Mariedale, Meyer, Rose Hill, Longview, Timbercrest, Doorack, Hillcrest and a bunch more. I've personally sold over 500 homes in the Kirkwood School District in my career.

I'm looking forward to a great 2015 and hopefully assisting you buy or sell a house in the Kirkwood Area! 

licensed real estate broker in MO #2009016720

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